DediData Domain Registration Prices


 Domain name is the name of our site and contains of following sections:


  1. Name: (Example: DediData)
  2. Extension: (Example: com)
    We can choose our domain extension based on our activity type
  3. Dot Sign (.): It distinguishes the name and domain extension from each other.

Example: Which DediData is domain name and .com is the extension.


 When you want to choose a domain consider these notes:


  • Choose a short name
  • Choose a meaningful name
  • Choose a name related to your web site activity subject
  • Use a name that is simple to write
  • Try to choose a name which will not make many typos
  • Choose a name that is easy to remember


domain name

 Domain Registration Notes


  • Valid characters in domain names are (a To z), Numbers (0 To 9), Dash sign (-)
  • The lower and upper case letters do not differ in the domain
  • Using the dash (-) to start or end the domain is not allowed.