Free Template is a theme designed and created for WordPress, We named it Free Template because it’s free and open source. So you can download it and install on your WordPress web site.

Free Template has many features:

  • Responsive (It uses Bootstrap for it’s source)
  • Mega Menu
  • Built-in slider
  • Supports Full Page display
  • Supports for Right To Left languages (RTL Compatibility)
  • Sidebar
  • Many widget areas
  • Popup widgets
  • Supports WooCommerce

You can download it via WordPress official web site

WordPress Free Template Theme

6 Replies to “WordPress Free Template”

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    Lovely theme, very adaptable, but only one small glitch.

    A top level menu item with a (sub)child needs a double click to activate, all other buttons work with a single click.
    Is it possible to alter this behavior?

    Thank You.

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      Thank you for your comment, It is designed like this method because in touch devices needs to tap for first time top open the submenus, and second tap will open that link

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        What if it auto detected what platform was accessing the site and used single click for computer and double tab for tablet/smart phone?

        Is that possible?

        Then it would serve both worlds.

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          We will check this issue, if it is possible we will provide an update