Our Web Hosting services are based on powerful Dedicated Servers and top hosting management panel (CPanel), We try to maintain high security on servers continuously. We provide support for most of the popular Web applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Our web hosting services always provide more speed and technical support. This experience is result of the years of effort of our team and our international activities and participation in World Wide Web Development teams. To order a web hosting service, click on the Order button and select one of your desired plans.


Specifications of our web hosting services and plans
Variety of Web Hosting Plans200 MB To 20 GB
Starting Prices10$ Per Year!
(Bandwidth/Per Month)10 x Disk Space
Number of DataBases Unlimited
Add-on Domains (Multiple Web Site Hosting) Unlimited
Park Domains/Alias Domains (Web Site Mirror on other domains) Unlimited
Email Address Accounts Unlimited
FTP Accounts (File Transfer Protocol) Unlimited
Site Manager & E-shop Manager Software installation (WordPress/WooCommerce) Free
Earn money by introducing others to us (Affiliates) 20% of Web Hosting Price

Our Web Hosting Services Features

  • Free transfer of your website from another company (through CPanel control panel)
  • Instantly upgrading the current hosting plan to the higher plan
  • Maximum effort of security on servers
  • Dedicated customer panel to manage domain and hosting settings, Invoices & etc
  • Automatic virus & malware scanning on user files
  • Using valid & top rated management software & systems
  • Frequently update of server software & repositories
  • Alert for any virus or malware detection & high risk usage warnings
  • Prevent possible attacks on your website and block them
  • Monitor servers and its services and ensure their correct functionality
  • Monitor the resources used by web site accounts on the server

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting Server Specifications

  • Processor: 48 Cores in 2 x CPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • Port: 1Gbps
  • Hard Disks: 4 x SSD Raid
  • Hard Disks: 4 x SATA Raid
  • Server Location: Germany
  • Uptime: ~100%
  • Automatic Weekly Backups
  • CPanel Management Panel