When you sign up for a Shared Hosting package, your biggest benefit is purchasing hosting at an affordable price. In addition to various features, our shared hosting platform is managed which means users don’t have to worry about server management and platform patches. When you purchase a Shared Hosting package it also includes an SSL certificate, domain name and more!

Shared Hosting is a solid starting place for any website, providing all you need to get up and running quickly. Plus, it’s easy to upgrade to other web hosting plans as your site grows. So why is Shared Hosting the most budget-friendly choice? It all comes down to the setup.

A shared server is a bit like a large apartment building, with individual website owners renting the apartments. Everybody needs a place to live, of course, but buying a private home is expensive when you’re just starting out. Sharing common areas and utilities with your neighbors in an apartment block keeps costs down. The same is true for Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting gives your website’s files a comfortable home on the web while you divide resources and space with other website owners. The upside: much lower costs. Unlike a user who is paying for exclusive access to a dedicated server, Shared Hosting customers are sharing the server maintenance costs across multiple sites, saving a lot of money in the process. If you’re cash conscious, Shared Hosting is a fantastic entry-level plan with several great benefits at a can’t-beat-it price.

shared hosting benefits